Jydske Borderline converts new customers - period.
Customer attention spans have decreased dramatically, and loyalty is a thing of the past.


Our consultants are data professionals. They have built relationships with an extensive network of outstanding leaders, and collaborate with colleagues globally to share expertise across industries, functions and geographies.


With unrivaled practical experience and a deep understanding of data in the global business and professional services industries, our consultants are well-qualified to discover exceptional data with specialized expertise.


With Big Data and Data Mining you can tell when customers are shopping and when they are likely looking for similar products and services. Our Consultants bring the right data to the problem of retaining your customer.


Today data is reshaping business. We provide a broader range of reports to increasingly sophisticated clients who demand cost-effective and diverse solutions, while striking a balance between cost and the need for information.


About the Company

At Jydske Borderline, we commit sharp minds and dedicated professionals to navigating a constant stream of private and company data that flows into our proprietary library and turn this into a valuable resource. Through partnerships and third-party resources, we draw from many leading repositories of business knowledge and data, maintaining the best quality and most comprehensive data. This meaningful gathering of mobile, Internet based, advertising derived, global partner focused data is how we are able to keep a constant pulse on individual customers' movements, impulses, purchase descisions, and thought processes that may affect your business.

"Data is the foundation of Digital Business. Every touch point, every click, every byte of digital exhaust."